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Unda The Hat Media entertainment

Unda The Hat Media Entertainment is an artist branding and label services company that connects your brand, music and story to your target audience. We help to grow not only your brand but your audience; and make sure your fans and other industry professionals are aware of you and understand your journey.🎩

TJ Miller Unda The Hat Owner & CEO, TJ, T.J. T. Jerome Miller

Hello. I am TJ Miller of Unda The Hat Media Entertainment. I'd like to welcome you to our site. As you read further you will see that we are here to tell stories. We tell our story, your story and help you find your people. Trust me they are out there.🎩

We believe in the artist, we believe in the music, we believe in the art, and we believe in the sale. We have a saying around here."It starts with music....but ends with the sale."🎩

There's a lot going on Unda The Hat; and here's what we offer

  • Branding you the Artists - includes logo and website maintenance.
  • Connecting you the Artists with your fanbase
  • Label Services - Helping you to navigate through digital distribution. 
  • Growing Audience - in an organic practical manor without the empty accounts and bots.
  • Custom voice overs for YouTube and social media

Now here's what you get 🎩

  • An experienced educated Label executive.
  • A partner that understands many different genres and niches.
  • Optimization of your presence across appropriate social platforms.
  • Goal oriented service. 
  • Exposure to other industry executives via the popular weekly blog #tipundathehat. 

New music, take a listen

The Monkey by Watson's Head Available for download now! 

Don't Shoot by Mercy Club available everywhere and their website mercyclub.org now.

Keep It On The Low by Ruby Camille Available for download everywhere and on rubycamille.com now.

Awaken by The Curtis Family C-Notes available everywhere and their website thecurtisfamilycnotes.com now.